Designers Roundtable

Welcome to the DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE, a national accountability group for creative solo professionals (graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, package designers, writers – just to name a few), who are looking to grow their business, but not ready to hire a coach.

The business of design is changing. Not just because of the explosion of web communities, but because of how the consumer is reacting to visuals. We, creative professionals, are no longer just the ‘maker of pretty things’ we are the ‘leaders of strategic and creative thinking’. We are sitting at the decision-making table and helping businesses grow! But as solo professionals, who holds you accountable to make your own business a success?

The DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE is a virtual team focused on supporting, encouraging, and pushing the boundaries to make your business flourish. This group will get you motivated to get your ‘to do list’ done!

Here’s the outline of the groups structure:

  • Sign up for a 6-month term that meets once per month on Google+ Hangouts.
  • Set a goal to accomplish within the 6-month term. It has to be a goal that push your comfort level, that forces you to ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’.
  • Create 30-day task items that are stepping stones in accomplishing your bigger 6-month goal.
  • Who can participate? Part-time creative who wants to go full time; a full time who wants to hire; move out of their home office; or maybe even a moonlighter who is ready to take the jump.
  • We are all cheerleaders! The more you cheer your teammates, the more the teammates cheer you on. And who doesn’t like to get a good pat on the back?

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Latest News from the Roundtable…

July-December 2014 Registration Update

Here are some things to know for the July-Dec ’14 term. Yes, it’s a paid organization now. What does that mean? It means that we’re getting tighter and more serious. The costs will help offsets the cost of the website management, hosting and administration. It means we’re going to have a professional writer narrate the facilitators notes and post in recaps. Encourages serious commitment. We have seen unprecedented growth and added value from those who […]

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Retain or Not to Retain

ATTEND TOMORROW’S WEBINAR Retainers are a hot topic lately. Even more so, we think the question should focus on “Am I still an order taker?” or “Do they finally see me as their partner?” To learn more register for tomorrow’s (April 8 10:30amPST/1:30pmEST) webinar when RaShelle Roberts and Jenny Poff share our own experiences with retainers and how they helped our invoices grow! Tuesday, April 8, 2014 10:30amPST/1:30pmEST $25 per person – if you cannot attend, […]

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How to determine your goals

Each member of the group is asked to develop a 6-month goal, and then breakdown that goal into monthly action items to make sure they accomplish their goals in a timely and productive fashion. 6-Month Goals Here are some examples of 6-month goals: Content Marketing – Sign Up 10 More Free Chats per month Streamlining/Eliminate Inefficiency Gain 2 Clients via Presentations Write a business plan with budget plan Relaunch website Streamline client experience Explore feasibility […]

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Order your flare for HOW

Designers Roundtable Merchandise Our group is growing and doing so well, let’s share the love at the HOW Design Live conference in Boston May 2014! Below are some of our favorite products, but you can see more in our Merch Store Here Order your DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE merchandise today!

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